Opening date : the December 1st

cropped-verso-21.png #HiConnected

Our technology will enable to cover a zone with a secured fastly high-speed (4G LTE).

A convincing and concrete experiment on two sites (Papaichton et Maripasoula):

That three month experimentation made us see the project’s feasibility, in order to control the sites setting and their costs at best. Technical visits contributed to spread our solution in isolated households in less than 48 hours. 

The emergence and the convergence « IP » of the communication technology, allow us to foresee a high-speed Internet connection for everyone on all the isolated sites:

  • With a sufficient concentration
  • From the point of emission 4G/LTE
  • Backhauled by geostationary satellites

Thanks to that solution and to the renewable energies, we can now work together to eradicate the digital gap on a global scale.